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Amazing Neural Networks...
« on: July 17, 2011, 11:47:46 AM »
I am looking at something about neural network this summer, and it is surprising how I can see that they are dynamical systems with their atractors, and when the neural networks receive stimuli, they are addressed towards their atractors.

It seems we are near to the mind process with this mathematical model (neural networks).  When we are learning or when we are thinking, it is possible that we are creating in our brain something complex that has atractors.  Even these could be strange atractors (chaotic behavior), and in this chaos could be the key to the process of new ideas production...

It is amazing!

Real Neuron Structure:

Synapse diagram:

Simple Neuronal Network Mathematical Model:  McCulloch-Pitts Perceptron diagram:

This would be the j neuron with connections from i neurons and where:

z=\sum w_{ij}x_{i}

As we can see the interconnections are weighted by w_{ij}
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